Service Library

Services at Palmdale are recorded each Sunday and added to the website as soon as possible after the service.  To listen to a service, go to the box with the service date you wish to play and click on the play arrow        at the center of the box.  If you wish to view the worship bulletin for that service, go to the box below the service audio box and click on the double arrows >> at the right of the top menu.   In the drop down menu, selct "Presentation Mode".  A full screen version of the worship bulletin will appear.  You may then use the "Page Up" and Page Down" buttons on your computer to change the page displayed.  To exit presentation mode, simply press "Esc".  The same instructions work for the box that displays the hymns for that service.

Palmdale is providing live streaming services each Sunday morning at 10:30 am.  You can listen to the service here or access the video on our Facebook page at 

Palmdale Presbyterian Church

684 North Harbor City Boulevard

Melbourne, FL 32935