About Us


   Palmdale Presbyterian Church has an over-sixty-year history of service to God and to our neighbors, locally and around the world.  Conveniently located on US-1 just south of Sarno Road, the church has ample parking as well as a lovely natural setting along a creek.  The park-like atmosphere surrounding the church buildings provides opportunities for quiet contemplation as well as an area for fellowship and outdoor worship services.

   Worship at Palmdale Presbyterian is traditional in nature. We follow a structure which calls us to worship; invites our praise; challenges and comforts us with the Word read, preached, demonstrated (the sacraments); sung (the anthem); and leads us in prayers of thanks and petition.  Worship services are held in our sanctuary each Sunday at 10:30 a.m. as well as other Holy Days like Maundy Thursday, Ash Wednesday and Christmas Eve.

   So that all can join us in worship, we have:

  • An elevator from the sanctuary level to the Fellowship Hall / Classroom level.

  • A ramp into the sanctuary on the east side of the building.

  • Large print bulletins and hearing aid devices available at the entrance to the sanctuary.

   Communion is celebrated during the morning worship service on the first Sunday of each month.  All who profess faith in Christ are welcome to share in communion.

   Besides many opportunities of service both within and outside the church, there are many occasions for worship, fellowship, and growth: Sunday morning worship, Sunday School, Bible studies, and Presbyterian Women groups.


Special retreats and conferences on missions or family, youth activities, ministries in low income housing and nursing homes, etc.; are available principally through the church’s association with Central Florida Presbytery and the Presbyterian Church U.S.A. Some activities and ministries change as our circumstances are altered. While the church provides a program, our people are not dependent upon the church before they get together to study Scripture, pray or enjoy each other's fellowship

   As a member congregation in the Presbyterian Church U.S.A., Palmdale is governed by the fundamental principles of Presbyterianism.  The church is directed and managed by a Session of Ruling Elders selected by the congregation.  A Board of Deacons provides other services and support to the people of the church.  All members of the church are encouraged to participate actively in the work of the church.


Frequently Asked Questions

What are the church office hours?

  • The office is open Monday through Friday 8:00 am - 1:00 pm


How can I join the church?

  • Members are received into the church by profession of faith, reaffirmation of faith, or letter of transfer, or as affiliate members. 

What if I have not been baptized?

  • Adults not previously baptized will receive the sacrament on the occasion of the public profession of faith and reception into the Church during a regular morning worship service.

Can my child be baptized at Palmdale Presbyterian Church?

  • To arrange a baptism for your child, please call the church office. Baptisms are scheduled seasonally or on a Sunday morning convenient for the family. A conference between the parents and the Pastor is required before the baptism. One of the parents should be a member of the church.

How can I schedule a wedding at the church?

  • Weddings may be scheduled by calling the church office. Information concerning dates, fees, and facilities will be provided. 

Can I make funeral arrangements for a loved one?

  • The church makes every effort to accommodate funerals and memorial services.  Please contact the church office as soon as possible.


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